Lament releases infrequent progress reports so that our playerbase can keep abreast of past and present changes. Not all changes are recorded in reports, such as staff-only changes or work on intentionally secretive projects, but any feature or update mentioned in a report can be considered public knowledge. Progress reports are indexed in reverse chronological order in sets of ten for the reader's convenience.

Note that some changes discussed in past reports may be reversed or further influenced by future reports. More recent reports always take precedent over earlier ones. If a feature behaves differently in-game than cataloged here, and there are not future mentions of it changing or record of changes to appropriate helpfiles, please submit a typo report so that we may look into the issue.

Each separate report page includes links to the next and previous reports (if applicable), as well as links back to the index. These are identified by both their progress report numbers and the period of time covered by each report.

The most recent entry is Progress Report 65, posted on November 30th, 2023.

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