The following is the record of public game progress for November 1st, 2021 through January 3rd, 2022.

  • New/updated helpfiles: appraise, gifts, give, glance, money, pluck
  • Bows now recognize character strength when determining how tiring they are to fire, with stronger characters incurring less fatigue than weaker ones; on average, humans and menhit tire slightly less, while goblins and dhajas tire slightly more. This change does not affect bows' damage, range, whether or not a character can string/unstring them, etc. Crossbows, slings, and thrown objects are unaffected. Due to the nature of this change, existing bows may need to be updated by logging out and back in while having one in one's inventory.
  • The "glance" command now has a new syntax: "glance around" will, after a very brief (and interruptible) period, show any visible objects in rooms adjoining the character's. Hidden exits (i.e. those not included in a room's exit list) are not included in this readout, nor are the contents of boats or tents, though one can use this syntax while inside one of the latter; just like normal glancing, closed doors that aren't designed to be looked through will prevent one from glancing in a given direction. The results are formatted similarly to normal glancing but lack room names, room exits, and light levels, though features like clutter or water will be mentioned. Players are advised to be cautious if using "glance around" near very messy areas.
  • The "appraise" command now has a new syntax: "appraise pull of <bow>" will now describe a character's estimation of a bow's pull, if they're strong enough to use the bow efficiently, approximately how exhausting it would be for them to fire a single arrow from it, what it's strung with (if anything), and what skill is required to use it (almost always archery). This currently only works with bows, not crossbows or slings.
  • The "pluck" command now recognizes the "pluck feathers" and "pluck feathers into <container>" syntaxes, and uses slightly updated messaging if targeting a container. Using this command as an alias for "pick" behaves more intuitively. Trying to use this command on a corpse that has already had its feathers removed has also had its messaging clarified.
  • Characters using their common sense will now try to open closed containers if told to "empty" them, "pour" them into another container, "sip" them, or "slosh" them at things, provided they have a free hand. The messaging for this has also been slightly tweaked.
  • Using "count coins" on a pile of money now mentions "penny" or "pence" after the total numeric value of the coins, as appropriate.
  • Trying to give somebody an object a character is pulling, not carrying, now has a more informative failure message.
  • Completing a fishing attempt in an area that allows a character to use the "fish" command but doesn't actually have anything to catch now gives a proper message about there not being any fish nearby. Fishing off the sides of ferries also now properly checks the environment of the ferry when determining what, if anything, can be caught while riding one.

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