The following is the record of public game progress for January 4th, 2022 through March 15th, 2022.

  • New/updated helpfiles: approach, dropcloths, pluck
  • New craftable items: bark bracers, bark dropcloths, bark greaves, circlets, fabric dropcloths, fur dropcloths, grass dropcloths, knit dropcloths, leather dropcloths, long tasseled sashes, patchwork dropcloths, reed dropcloths, straw dropcloths
  • A new type of object is now craftable: the dropcloth. These are large sheets of material that can be rolled and unrolled, similar to bedrolls; when unrolled, a dropcloth can be used exactly like a table in terms of crafting, eating, repairing, etc., while a rolled dropcloth is half the weight of an unrolled one (not counting the weight of its inventory). In exchange for being more portable, dropcloths cannot be sat or laid upon, and have less capacity than wooden tables. See "help dropcloths" for more information.
  • Multi-room housing is now available in both Kungesvald (near the western end of Einherjar's Walk) and Liidhaga (on upper floors of the insulae off of Canal Street); aside from being larger than single-room housing, they also contain their own simple water sources in one of their side rooms. Multi-room housing currently requires a down payment of 2500p and an upkeep of 100p per month, with spare keys costing 50p each. These houses' deeds and treasuries can only be interacted with in their main rooms, but otherwise behave identically to existing housing. Players who already own housing are encouraged to let their previous properties run out of funding so other players can have a shot at being homeowners.
  • The hamlet of Moorness has been fully revised, complete with updated NPCs, expanded shop inventories, a few new rooms, and autoseating implemented in the longhouse by the docks. This expansion should also address various reports about oddities with its rooms. This has not changed the operation of the ferries, which continue to travel between the Moorness pier and other cities as they always have.
  • Four new NPCs are available to talk to in specific rooms of the Plenary Forum. They do not offer any mechanics not previously available in the rooms (existing jobs are untouched, etc.), but they can provide a little more information about their jobs and the Chambers they occupy.
  • The "approach" command has a new syntax: "approach <target> by <number> paces" will have a character attempt to approach the stated living, object, or direction by the stated amount of paces. "Paces" are an informal unit of measurement and are the same across all species (regardless of how long their legs are). Characters can also use "avoid <target> by <number> paces" to back away from a thing or direction; avoiding a target one is already next to will pick a random direction and try to move there. "avoid <target>" on its own will move one pace away from the target. "back up from" and "step away from" are both valid aliases for the "avoid" syntax. Moving specific amounts of paces requires a bit more focus than other movement and characters may need a moment to regain their bearings before moving another set of paces, whether towards or away from something. This otherwise uses standard movement code with all the influence of posture, terrain, and character ability as usual.
  • Plucking feathers from a corpse now bases its completion time on the size of the corpse and the dexterity of the character plucking it. Minimum and maximum times have been set to keep things from getting out of hand; the amount of feathers one gets from plucking is unaffected.
  • The "lead" command now has slightly better messaging in the following cases: when using it without any arguments, when trying to lead someone a character is already leading (both for the leader and the person they're leading), or when trying to use the "lead me/lead self" syntaxes. The "stop leading" syntax also has had its messaging improved.
  • The "posture" command now uses slightly better messaging when setting a custom posture, primarily so more posture choices look more natural with it, and is clearer about what happens when using the "posture clear" syntax. It also no longer prints two separate posture messages when setting a custom one.

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