The following is the record of public game progress for December 1st, 2023 through June 13th, 2024.

  • New commands: hang
  • New/updated helpfiles: hammocks, healing, logging, temperature
  • New items: fur hammocks, hammocks, leather hammocks, rope hammocks
  • Updated items: parsley
  • A few varieties of hammock can now be crafted to serve as furniture, provided their environs allow them to be hung up for use; a hammock can be hung inside any shop, house, or tent, as well as wilderness rooms that count as swamps or any kind of forest (including wasteland or fungal forest). Unlike bedrolls, hammocks do not double as carrying containers when rolled up. See "help hammocks" for more information.
  • It is now possible to "chop <fallen tree> for/into firewood" to convert an entire fallen tree into the appropriate kind of firewood so long as a character has an axe on hand. Like logging, this is a tiring process, but unlike logging, it does not damage the axe being used. Stronger characters with better posture will finish the job faster. Firewood made in this manner is otherwise identical to firewood created with the still-valid "make firewood" syntax.
  • Bucket wells have been refactored to behave a little more intuitively: a raised bucket will no longer refill whenever its reservoir does, and well buckets themselves have more bucket-like capacities independent of their reservoirs'.
  • Shop objects for both players and NPCs can now mention the cost of goods stocked for sale when they're looked at, and if more than one of a given item is in stock it will mention the total available for sale. Prices provided this way are only base costs and do not account for extra options like color or fabric choices.
  • Using an invalid bait type that still fits on a fishing pole no longer claims that the hook is unbaited when using the "fish" command. It still won't catch anything, but now it goes through the usual fishing attempt, complete with the chance for characters with fishing skill to realize their choice of bait won't do anything in their current environment.
  • Fishing poles are now a little bit smarter about recognizing bait when being restored from memory (such as logging in with a baited pole in one's hands or pack).
  • Bedrolls no longer simply say "You are sitting in it." in lists of room contents observed while using one.
  • The new "hang" command can be used to set up hammocks in appropriate environments, and also functions as an alias for "fasten" when used with fastenable goods (i.e. "hang keyring from belt").
  • The "tend" command now has a more expanded syntax prompt when used without a subject, better matching its helpfile.
  • The "withdraw" and "deposit" commands now properly display "can't do that here" error messages when attempting to use them in any rooms other than the main room of an owned property. Not being able to use these in other rooms of multi-room housing is intended behavior.

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