Singular/Plural: menhit/menhit
Average Height: 170cm/5'7"
Average Weight: 55kg/121 lbs.

A menhit (MEN-hit) is a furred, tailed biped; while they do not have muzzles, nose pads, or whiskers, menhit still have a distinctly bestial look. The fur on their bodies is usually a different color from the hair on their heads; a typical menhit is some shade of yellow-brown. Their eyes tend towards golds and reds. Menhit legs are digitigrade. Most menhit tend towards lithe, toned builds and have trouble storing body fat. They often have cheetah-like "tear marks" leading from their eyes to the corners of their mouths.

Menhit's strengths include:

  • Graceful. Menhit are extraordinarily agile, with flexible bodies and honed reflexes. They excel at acrobatic feats and, once they receive proper training, can strike quickly and repeatedly during a fight. Menhit are also good at dodging others' blows.
  • Swift. No other species can compare to how fast a healthy menhit can travel over land. While a walking menhit is no faster than anyone else, they easily outrun non-menhit at higher paces.
  • Hard-Headed. A typical menhit has an abundance of willpower, and therefore has an easier time of focusing on a single task for an extended period of time or pushing their bodies up to and beyond their normal limits.

Their weaknesses include:

  • Easily Tired. Menhit function best in bursts of brief activity; they cannot perform exhausting tasks for very long without running out of stamina.
  • Luckless. A menhit has naturally middling luck and is susceptible to the supernatural hazards of the land.
  • Clumsy Fingers. Partially due to their claws and partially due to their focus on gross motor skills, menhit have a small amount of trouble when trying to perform tasks requiring a deft and steady hand.

Finally, they have the following miscellaneous traits:

  • Carnivorous. Menhit can eat plant matter, but they gain no nutritional value from it; they must consume things like meat and eggs to remain healthy. Processed foods like bread, rice, and noodles can also nourish menhit once properly cooked.
  • Natural Armory. The claws on a menhit's hands are large and sharp enough to be used as weapons in combat, and can skin and butcher game like a knife. Their heads and torsos also boast subdermal plating that protects them from some blunt and piercing damage.

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