Singular/Plural: human/humans
Average Height: 182cm/5'11"
Average Weight: 75kg/165 lbs.

A human (HU-man) native to Lament is a tall and hardy creature with a distinct feral cast to their features. They tend towards profuse body hair with sharp eyeteeth and piercing, lupine gazes. Humans tend towards broader builds regardless of sex, though still display a wide assortment of body types; they display very little sexual dimorphism. The average human has ruddy or copper skin and hair ranging from brown to black. Humans' eyes tend towards browns with the odd shade of green, gray, or blue.

Humans' strengths include:

  • Mighty. Humans are naturally very strong. In addition to being able to carry larger loads, use heavier weapons, and generally hit harder in combat, they can more comfortably wear large amounts of metal armor, such as full sets of chainmail.
  • Enduring. Probably their greatest strength, humans have enormous reserves of stamina and do not tire easily. This allows them to fight, run, or labor longer than other species and can keep them on their feet in the face of stunning blows.
  • Sturdy. Humans are slightly above average with regards to their overall health, which helps them take more wounds in a fight and fight off certain debilitating effects.

Their weaknesses include:

  • Inflexible. The heavy frames that give them such powerful bodies and tireless lungs make humans particularly bad at feats of great agility. While this does not mean every human is a lumbering oaf, it does mean it's more difficult for them to develop ability with tasks requiring grace.
  • Poor Buoyancy. Also due to their heavy frames, humans sink like stones in the water, and even with practice they are not terribly swift swimmers.
  • Dim. Humans are not exactly the sharpest arrows in the quiver. A typical human is certainly capable of learning or understanding complicated concepts, but it tends to take them a bit longer to do so.

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