Singular/Plural: goblin/goblins
Average Height: 122cm/4'
Average Weight: 43kg/95 lbs.

A goblin (GOB-lin) is a short, light creature with scaly skin and large, bat-like ears. Their hair and eyes come in a variety of bright colors, while most goblins' scales are some shade of green or brown. Goblins' eyes are slitted like a snake's and proportionally large for their faces. They tend to have reptilian slits for noses. Goblins have blunt claws on each digit, although these aren't large enough to use in combat. They retain childlike proportions throughout their lives.

Goblins' strengths include:

  • Fortune's Favor. A goblin has robust natural defenses against the more supernatural perils of the world, as well as a good deal of luck. This ability to survive when things go wrong is one of the primary reasons so many magic-users are goblins.
  • Dextrous. Goblins have nimble fingers that are well-suited to a variety of crafts. In addition to fine manipulation, this also helps them in ranged combat: they can adjust for smaller targets with greater accuracy than less quick-fingered species can.
  • Night-Eyed. Goblins can see in very little light and in several cases may not even need torches or lanterns to see at night. They are still hindered by pitch blackness.

Their weaknesses include:

  • Feeble. A goblin is by definition not very strong, and has more difficulty carrying large loads or using heavier weapons.
  • Easily Distracted. Even with a great deal of self-discipline, it is hard for a goblin to focus on a single task for any extended period of time. They also have trouble pushing themselves beyond their normal limits.
  • Short Legs. Goblins are not very fast on land and must move at a faster pace to keep up with anyone going faster than a walk.

Finally, they have the following miscellaneous traits:

  • Regeneration. Given enough food, rest, and time, a goblin can regenerate a missing limb. Goblins also heal more, and faster, than their otherwise unremarkable health would imply, and their systems continue healing even in stressful situations that might otherwise prevent them from doing so.
  • Iron Stomach. Goblins are less troubled by drinking salt water than other species and their bodies can process ingested toxins (such as alcohol) more efficiently, though they can still become poisoned, drunk, or otherwise sickened.

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