Language: Yddr
People: Yddrlings
Capital City: Kungesvald
Population: primarily human, notable goblin and menhit minorities
Climate: cold, rainy, foggy

Ydra is a forest-choked land located north of Anishma and south of Qlithoth. Its western border is formed by the ocean. The northwestern reaches of Ydra are dotted with fjords. Much of the region's foreign trade involves travel up and down the Ox River, which cuts through the mountains before passing through marshy lowlands and finally emptying into the sea. Ydra also has strong ties to reaving and its coastal settlements regularly trade raiding parties.

Yddr society has a reputation of being violent, base, and cruel, which is not entirely inaccurate. It values family, honor, courage, cleverness, generosity, tradition, and ferocity. Yddrlings are not any less intelligent than the residents of other lands, but their rough aesthetics, lack of more refined academic traditions, and rampant regional superstition tend to make a poor impression on foreigners.

The primary religion of Ydra is the veneration of a pantheon of warlike gods known as the Hroendir. The further away from the city of Kungesvald one goes, however, the more likely one is to encounter variations; monsters, local heroes, ancestor spirits, and even different takes on the Hroendir themselves all exist in the far reaches of Ydra. Yddrlings venerate their gods more to appease them or to beg for favors than to pursue spiritual growth.

Real-world cultures which most influence Yddr society include the Old Norse, various Slavic peoples, the Haida nation, and the Celts. Different parts of the region emphasize different cultural traits, so one village in the forest might skew very strongly towards Rus traditions while another on an island leans more towards Haida dress and customs.

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