Language: Moorvic
People: Moorvani
Capital City: Liidhaga
Population: primarily dhajas, with several goblins and some humans
Climate: warm and humid

Moorva is an archipelago set in the western ocean, its islands dotted with an assortment of jungles, swamps, and highlands. The northern parts of Moorva are significantly more mountainous than its southern islands and the climate is closer to temperate in these parts. The Moorvani are a wealthy people, in no small part due to their aggressive ocean-based trading. Even places far from the coast often involve a nautical theme in their art and architecture.

Traditional Moorvic culture is viewed as amoral, materialistic, and decadent by most other regions, both fairly and unfairly. It values wealth, scholarly pursuits, aesthetics, pragmatism, creativity, innovation, and endurance. The average Moorvani has access to a much stronger scholarly tradition than the rest of the world, even in outlying settlements, and they are thusly viewed as more intelligent than their peers.

The Sevenfold Method is the primary religion of Moorva, being concerned with self- improvement through the intervention of spirits of genius known as muses. These entities are viewed more as anthropomorphic concepts than beings which can be directly spoken to or touched. Moorvani are typically not consciously pious; the Sevenfold Method is integrated seamlessly with most aspects of everyday life. Dealing with one's muse, or one of the Seven Muses, is viewed with the same amount of reverence and necessity as preparing dinner.

Real-world cultures which most influence Moorvic society include India, parts of Persia, classical Greece, and Tang-dynasty China. The more remote and land-locked a settlement is the more it will differ from the Liidhagan standard, though given the relatively small size of the archipelago no place is so remote as to be unrecognizable.

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