Welcome to Lament!

It has only been a handful of generations since the day the world ended. Thousands died when the Long Winter fell, and countless more have fallen to plague or starvation since. Every day sees more survivors flocking to the relative safety of the cities. Some manage to make an honest living for themselves; some fight for scraps among the downtrodden; some prey on the weak or careless. The land crumbles and rots, but its people stubbornly fight to survive among the remains. Who can say how long they will succeed?

Lament is an LP MUD running on a heavily-modified Lima Mudlib. Our world is an original dark fantasy setting with light post-apocalyptic themes. Gameplay is level-less and skill-based, with advancement based on a character's actions instead of the accumulation of experience points. We are focused on both roleplaying and immersive mechanics, with the potential for PVP activity, non-combatants, and characters who fall somewhere between the two.

Interested? Log in and try Lament for yourself. Character generation is open and account-based, with no applications required to start playing.

Connect to Us At:

lament.ghostglass.net port 8600